Small Space Interior Design DIY Tips For Every Home Owner

interiror design

A smaller space doesn’t mean that you have to skip out on style in any way shape or form. In fact, the great interior design really enhances every kind of home, no matter the square footage. So, in order to put together your dream, all be it compact, home, you simply need to follow a couple of design rules and pointers.

Get a big impact out of your small home by following these tips to excellent small space interior design…

Use Larger Rugs

use larger rugs

Establish the area that you’re furnishing by laying down a larger, on-theme rug. This will determine the mood of the space and bring you some major design points without eating up any of your floorplans or overcrowding your space.

Choose in accordance with the effect you’re trying to create. Hampton’s lover? A natural fibred cream-style will be amazing! More into the boho vibe? A Persian rug is a must. When in doubt, you can never really go wrong with a jute rug.

Check these tips for using the round area rugs.

Place Bulky Items Slightly Away From The Wall

Your larger, clunkier items should absolutely be living on the outskirts of your floorplan, although, this doesn’t mean that they should all be positioned directly against the wall. Instead, place your couch, table, bed frame and tallboy about ten or so centimeters away from your wall’s surface. This will create an airy, floating effect, creating the illusion of more space.

Choose Light and Bright Colors

You should be keeping your color palette relatively light and airy to avoid dragging down your space with large pieces of dark furniture. Refined neutrals, muted pastels, and natural materials will all keep the space looking nice and roomy, no matter how small it might be.

Make it Metallic


Adding a few metallic accents here and there will do amazing things for your small home. Metallic features, as well as glass, encourage the light to move more around the room, tricking the eye into thinking that a room is bigger than it is.

Choose gold or silver-toned bowls, vases and woven textiles for a subtle and elegant take on this tip.

Always Use Mirrors

A large, statement mirror will reflect the room and make it look twice as big! If you choose a leaning ornate style then this piece can even double up as a bit of wall art – two benefits for the price of one never hurts, hey.

When in Doubt, Lookup

If you run out of storage or décor room, don’t forget the potential that your walls have! You can install floating shelves, invest in a bookcase or create beautiful gallery scenes to enhance your home without overcrowding it.

Celebrate Light

You need to make the most out of light, where it’s coming from. If you have open windows, be sure to leave them clear of bulky furniture to let their effect shine a little. Use light and airy curtains or roman style blinds to avoid covering them too much.

Lacking in the natural light department? Be sure to add as many lamps as possible in bright undertones to kick the exposure up.

Be Mindful With Accessorizing

Mindfulness and restraint are essential when accessorizing a smaller space. Instead of six throw pillows, opt for three. Instead of loading up your coffee table with add-ons, opt for three small decorative vases. By being light-handed with your styling, you’re still going to enjoy a home that looks and feels like you without cramming it with stuff.

Follow these tips and your home is going to look fabulous, no matter what size it might be! Ready to get styling? Head to your closest furniture store in Canberra!

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