Xiangjiang Gate is another skyscraper by Europe’s tallest skyscraper Designer

RMJM is one of the largest architecture & design networks in the world  having its headquarter in  Edinburgh, United Kingdom .The firm is Providing consultancy engineering Services in architecture, development management, interior design, landscape design, master planning, and  urban designing .The firm has also designed Europe’s current tallest skyscraper, the Lakhta Center, in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The firm has selected to design an extra ordinary project in Hunan, China called Xiangjiang Gate. The basic concept behind this project is to pay tribute to cultural, religious and  social values of the city .

The Xiangjiang Gate is designed to get 177 m (580 ft ) height which will serve as a monument offering wide viewing platform and a tourist information center. The project includes some separate structures but when rise they twisted and join each other.

“The concept behind the design is deeply rooted in the history of the city,” says RMJM. “The design pays tribute to the geographical location of the city but also to its convergent spirit. Hangyang is a city where old and new, culture and modernity, converge in many aspects. The joint towers represent the essence of humanity: fire. Hengyang is a city of ancient history. In religious tradition, it is said that Hengyang was the first to bear the mark of Zhu Rong, the God of Fire and South, whose story is contained in ‘Shan Hai Jing · Great Wild West’. Viewed upside down, the building becomes a goose flying through the sky. In ancient Chinese poetry, Hangyang was a winter refuge for wild geese escaping the cold of the north, earning it the nickname of the Wild Goose City.”



According to Global Construction Review report the project includes construction of offices area, residential area, commercial area and an amusement park, however there’s no word yet as to when the Xiangjiang Gate is due to begin construction  because the project is at its initial stage.

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