How to Make Homemade Bracelets

How to Make Homemade Bracelets – Friendship Bracelets Tutorial

Fashion has a significant impact on humans life as it changes our way of thinking. It is always essential to dress properly, and follow the latest fashion trends so you can live a happy life. Fashion gives you the strength to live confidently in any society and allows you to do what you want to do or achieve in life.

How to Make Homemade Bracelets


There is no harm in maintaining a fashionable life but keep in mind the fashion you are doing should be within limits and according to the culture of your country.

These days fancy bracelets are trending in the market. Wearing a bracelet looks beautiful and improves your personality. Instead of buying the same bracelets from the market, you can make a homemade bracelet for yourself.

Today, I’ve come up with a bracelets tutorial for girls. You will learn some easy ways on how to make friendship bracelets at home.

DIY Bracelets Ideas

1- Colorful threads bracelet

handmade bracelet ideas


It is one of the easiest handmade bracelet ideas you can follow to look pretty. Simply, pick up three different color threads with a size of 14″ to 16″ long. Tie a knot from both sides, and don’t forget to leave a couple of inches from the top and the bottom.

You can choose more than three threads to make it more beautiful and attractive. As a beginner, you may be thinking that it is tough to make but it’s very simple and easy. See the images carefully, and make your own friendship bracelet.

2- DIY bracelets for girls – Fabric Bracelet Tutorial

DIY bracelets for girls


You can make a fabric bracelet by reusing scraps. You will need 3 strips of fabric size of 10″ long, Jewelry Endcaps, and glue. Take the strips, attach them to the edges so that they meet in the middle. Now, fold the strip in half to close the edges and press firmly. Sew the strip tightly and repeat with the other 3 strips. Now with the help of glue, join the ends of the strips and put jewelry endcaps.

For a thicker bracelet, you can use an extra piece of strip.

3- Leather Friendship Bracelets

Leather Friendship Bracelets


The leather friendship bracelet for girls is another easy DIY bracelet you can make at home. For this, you will need a pair of scissors, glue, leather lace, and leather strips. Cut the first leather cord to the size you would like to wear, and you will need 6 more leather strips of the same size. Now take the 3 strips and join them from the top with the help of glue.

Once it’s dry, take the other three strips and lay them directly on the top of the first three strips. Put a little glue on the top and wrap the strips with leather lace.

When you finished this step, make a braid of all the strips. Use glue on the other side and wrap it with leather lace.

Easy Friendship Bracelets Tutorial

So these are some of the great DIY bracelets ideas that are easy and fun to make at home.

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