Girls Watch Wrap bracelets

Amazing DIY Ideas For Homemade Watch Wrap Bracelets for Girls

Just a month ago, I provided some ideas for making DIY watch organizers for men. Now the girls are asking me to write something for them as well to make their watches cooler and girlish. So, here I come with another amazing article that will guide you on how girls can make their watches more girlish and stylish with these cool DIY watch wrap bracelet ideas.

Here you go, check these amazing ideas every girl will love:


For this whole project, you need different types of material for different straps. I have listed all in the 1 list.

  • old watches
  • jump rings
  • clasps
  • cord ends
  • embroidery floss
  • leather cord
  • old beaded necklace
  • ribbon


  • needle nose pliers
  • sewing machine (only for ribbon strap)

Friendship Strap Watch

This could be the best watch that you can wear on a friendship day. Being a girl, it would be great fun to make this DIY handmade friendship watch bracelet. Before you start it is recommended to get the measurement of your wrist.

18 inches is the length suitable for most of the girls. So make 6 braids by using the embroidery floss of different colors. Each braid should be 19 inches in length.

Now you need to tie three braids to the bottom of your old watch and three braids to the top of your watch. After you have done this now use a needle nose piler and attach the cord ends of the braids.

Attach the clasps to these cord ends now and you are all set to wear this beautiful new looking friendship watch.

Beaded Wrap Watch

Every girl has some old beaded necklaces that she no longer uses. So, why not make a beaded watch strap from this old necklace and make your old watch a new stylish watch to wear at the party.

beaded wrap watch strap

Cut your necklace into two equal pieces. After this, again cut two more small pieces out of these large pieces. These two should be about 1 to 2 inches long.

Now attach the long beaded pieces on the top and bottom of the watch. After that, attach both the small pieces to the bottom and the top of the watch.

Once done, now you need to attach the small piece to the longer piece and your beaded wrap watch is ready to wear. You can apply this for some Akribos watches as well though these watches are very stylish with their genuine straps as well.

Ribbon Wrap Watch

Now, this is the easiest DIY watch strap that any girl can make easily in just 5 minutes. You can combine the ribbon and a leather cord to make this DIY watch strap more stylish.

Now you need three pieces of leather cords and ribbon. These pieces should be 24 inches in length. Now pull one end of the ribbon and leather through the top of the watch and sew it using a machine.

You can repeat this step for the second end of the ribbon as well on the bottom of the watch. You can also check these DIY leather bracelet ideas.

Now you need to attach the cord end on both ends of the ribbon. After that attach the jump ring and clasp so that you can wrap the strap around your wrist.

That is it. Your ribbon watch straps are ready.

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