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10 DIY Laptop Sleeves Ideas Homemade

A laptop cover is the only thing that could protect your gadget from dust, little bumps, and scratches. It is not easy to carry your device in a huge back. A fancy laptop cover is the best way to carry your device anywhere you want. So, today I’m going to share DIY laptop sleeves ideas you can make at home. If you are on a budget and looking for ways to make a decent laptop cover, you are at the right place.

How to make a laptop sleeve

Below are the best ideas on how to make a laptop sleeve at home. Follow these ideas and make a great cover for your MacBook or Windows Laptop.

1- Macbook Air Sleeve

It is a perfect sleeve for your MacBook. The best thing about this sleeve is that it won’t require any kind of expensive material. All you need to do is do a web search and find a tutorial for this. You can make the best DIY laptop cover within a day.

DIY Laptop Sleeves Ideas Homemade

2- DIY Wool Laptop Cover

It is another great idea for making a laptop cover. You can make a stylish DIY laptop cover with an old Woolen jacket. Recycle the old jacket and create a homemade laptop sleeve. Take a wool piece from the back of your jacket and sew it to carry your gadget easily.

sleeve for your laptop

3- DIY Laptop Sleeve with Zipper

You can make a laptop cover with a zip to protect your gadget from accidental falling. It is also a simple and easy idea to make a cheap laptop cover. See a tutorial online.

Zipper laptop cover homemade

4- DIY Leather Sleeve

If you love leather covers but couldn’t buy the expensive ones from the market, don’t worry, you can make a DIY leather sleeve for your gadget. Just buy leather sheets from the market and sew them to make a stylish leather cover for your laptop.

Leather laptop cover

5- DIY Laptop Sleeve no Sew

You can design a DIY laptop sleeve for your windows laptop with the help of leather, brass rivets, and a rivet setter. Buy the material at cheap rates from the market and make a classy cover for your laptop. See a tutorial on YouTube.

Laptop cover no Sew

6- DIY Laptop Pouch

You can craft a great laptop pouch with cotton fabric in less than 30 minutes. Buy a printed cotton fabric from the market and sew a beautiful cover for your device.

Laptop cover ideas

7- DIY Computer Case

As shown in the picture below, you can design a trending DIY computer case without any effort. It is easy to carry, and you can prepare this cover in no time.

homemade laptop sleeve

8- DIY Laptop Cover with Hoodie

Another way to make a DIY laptop cover at home is with an old hoodie. You might find this a difficult one but see the picture below for a clear idea. Also, you can watch a tutorial on YouTube or Google.

DIY Laptop Cover

9- DIY Laptop Case in Backpack

Laptop sleeve idea

10- Book Like Laptop Sleeve

New laptop cover

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