How to Make Yarn Wrapped DIY Painted Jars

Welcome again on Easy DIY and Crafts. We are back with an amazing idea. We are damn sure that you will love this idea and every one of you can try this at home without investing much money into this project.

This easy DIY home decoration project is about making amazing light jars which can be used as candlelight dinner or you can simply use these light jars to create a romantic atmosphere for your loved one.

We found these light jars in the market and they had a price tag of $50 which is obviously too much. If you do it your self, it will not cost you more than $10. So, it is not only an easy DIY project but also you can save a lot of money.

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yarn-wrapped light-jars

Things Required

  • 4 to 5 empty glass jars
  • Spray paint
  • Yarn or Packing String

As you can see, you need only 3 things to make this beautiful light jar. You might already have the empty glass jars at home which are not useful. You also have yarn or any packing string at home. The only thing which you need to buy is spraying paint. It is better to buy a white spray, but you can buy any other color as well as per your own choice.

How to make yarn wrapped painted jars

So, let’s start this simple, easy but interesting DIY project:

  • Take 4 to 5 empty glass jars and wash them out. Make it sure that there is nothing left inside or outside of the glass jars.

Empty jars

  • Put the glass jars upside down and let them dry for some time.
  • When you see that jars are dry, wrap some packing string or yarn around them.
  • Wrap the jars in criss-cross style and keep it wrapping until you like what you see.

Yarn Wrapped Jars

  • Make it sure that you are not wrapping the whole jar, you need to make only a pattern.
  • When done, tie a not from the leftovers of the string from both the sides and cut out the knot.
  • Now, use the spray paint and spray the glass jars completely.
  • It is better to keep a sheet or any other paper while spraying the jars so that the surface and other things around don’t get affected by the paint.

Painted Yarn Wrapped Jars

  • Let the jars dry for some time. If it is cold, give some extra time for drying.
  • Once the paint gets dry, hold your glass jars and open the string or yarn from the jars.

You will see the amazing patterns on the white jars. Now to take full advantage, either use some candle inside the jars or you can use some other small light in the jars.

Keep these jars in your room and switch off all other lights except the lights in the jars. Or you can keep these lights on the stairs as well for a different style. If you like this project, check our DIY outdoor lighting ideas.

Yarn Wrapped Light Jars



yarn-wrapped light jars

You can also make these yarn wrapped jars as a gift for Christmas or other occasions. If you like this idea, share it and also follow our blog, Facebook page and Pinterest account for more DIY projects.

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