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Indoor Vertical Gardens- DIY Plans

There are so many DIY ideas to grow your garden but indoor gardening now has become most popular gardening idea. If we talk about gardening then we can’t ignore vertical gardens because these are easy, space-saving and top trending methods for growing your own gardens.

In old ages people use to place clay made planters in different locations in their homes then they started using other types of planters like wooden planter, ceramics planters and many others. In today’s post I’m going to share you a wonderful garden DIY idea if you want to grow your own garden.

Now people have started using plastic pod type planters and vertical pods to grow herbs and plants. These plastic pods and planters are very decorative and add more beauty to your living place. In other words growing gardens is now also home décor DIY project.

Here some nice ideas to grow your vertical gardens and herbs in your home and even in your kitchen.

how to grow indoor gardens

In this vertical garden idea a planters are hanged with hooks and steel rods. Look how rustic they are looking.

DIY gardening tips

In this Vertical Garden idea, beautiful plastic pods have been installed wonderfully on a board to grow herbs indoor.


Mini plastic pod type planters have been hanged on steel rod to grow vertical gardens indoor.

how to grow herbs indoor

What will you say about this wonderful DIY hanging planter idea.


Fancy plastic pods have been fixed on wooden board to give a rustic look.

fancy indoor planters ideas

In this vertical gardens project, planters of different size and styles have been fixed on wooden board to grow herbs indoor.


Awesome vertical gardening DIY project.

space saving indoor gardens

These mini planter pods are fancy and rustic for your indoor herb growing and decorating home as well.


Another vertical garden easy DIY project.


DIY vertical Garden Project

Do it Yourself Vertical Gardens.

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