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How to Transform Old Ladders and Planks into a Bookshelf

If you have an old industrial or simple ladder at home that you believe is of no use, then don’t sell that in scrap. You should know that there is a DIYer inside you who can make that old ladder very useful.

Though you can get a few bucks if you sell your old ladder, but you can save a lot of money if you don’t sell that and make something useful out of it. For this, you have to look around and think about what is missing in your room or garage or any other room.

ladder bookshelf

Do you need storage space? A ladder can be used to get extra storage space without spending too much on that. Do you need a creative planter shelf? A ladder can be the best shelf for your creative planters inside your house.

Or, do you need a unique bookshelf for your books? Again, you can transform old ladder into a beautiful bookshelf. There are a lot more uses of your old ladders, but here we will discuss only one of them.

How to Make Bookshelf with Ladders and Planks

If you have two old ladders and a few planks at your house then you can make a beautiful bookshelf without investing a penny. It would be a great looking bookshelf for your study or for your living room.

Just take the planks and cut those planks according to the width of the steps of your ladders. Use a drill machine to drill the planks and the step of the ladders so that you can use screws or some other aluminum wire to tighten the planks on the steps of the ladders.

wooden planks ladder bookshelf

Repeat this procedure for all the steps and the wooden planks. Make it sure that the steps of both the ladders are at the same height otherwise, it will be impossible to get the required balance on the planks.

If there is a slight difference in the height of both the ladders, then try to use some foam or cloth, or some wood to embed between the plank and the step to level the ladder bookshelf.

Now your bookshelf is ready and you can keep all your books on the ladder bookshelf. With the same procedure, you can make the boxes instead of plane planks. It will help your book from falling down from the shelf, but it will require a lot more hard work.

ladder bookshelf planks

If you want to make your ladder bookshelf more beautiful then you can spend a few bucks on it. For example, you can buy some paint. It could be of different colors and you can paint your old ladders to match with the color scheme of your study. You can also paint and polish the wooden planks so that it looks more beautiful and attractive.

We hope, you will try this DIY project if you have old ladders at your home. If you buy a ladder bookshelf from the market you have to spend almost 200$ but if you have old ladders and planks and you are interested in DIY projects, then you can make DIY ladder bookshelf with planks for just USD$10 to USD$15.

ladder bookshelf planks

DIY inverted ladder bookshelf

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ladder bookshelf

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