autohaus by matt fajkus

Matt Fajkus Architecture unveils Autohaus for Car lovers

Just like BIG’s Villa Gug that centers around the owner’s autos classic collection, A Texas-based Matt Fajkus Architecture firm has recently completed its Autohaus, a house for car lovers. The entire ground floor has been made for garage space while the living space is at outward above.


Measuring the total space floorspace of 4088 sq ft, Autohaus is located in Austin, Texas. The floorspace has been taken for the garage used for the storage, repair and display of owner’s favorite car collection that includes Porsches’ a Fiat and a Ferrari. Not only this, it also includes many motorbikes as we can in the photos.

The living quarters beam is of total 20 ft over the garage space. Apparently looking at the photos, it looks small inside for a high-end architect-designed home containing a single bedroom, a snug office, bathroom, living area and a kitchen. It seems that the owner spends free time at downstairs playing with old engines.

high end living area

Owner can access living area via steel and glass sliding doors then to a large roof terrace over the garage sheltered by tree canopies and looking like a pleasant outdoor living area.

Remaining required work was completed by the firm at the time of construction.    “A makeshift steel fabrication and paint shop was temporarily set up inside the partially-built garage during construction,” explains the firm. “The doors and windows were built in-house on the ground floor before their installation in its floating living quarters.”

“The second-floor volume is shifted forward to allow for double-height views to the garage space at the back, while creating an everyday carport beneath the hovering bed chamber in the front.”


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