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How to Pack? 7 Genius Packing Tips to Help You Travel Like a Pro

If you travel frequently for your business or family trips, then you must know how important it is to pack the bag like a pro. If you don’t pack your luggage properly you might face many problems.

how to pack tips

This article is a short guide that includes 7 genius packing tips to help you travel like a pro. So, without wasting our time, here we go:

1. Roll Clothes To Pack Them First

To utilize every inch of your carry or a travel bag, it is important to pack your clothes first. If you roll the clothes and you will be able to utilize more space and also you can avoid the creases.

roll clothes packing tips

For shirts, fold the sleeves and then roll the bottom up. Whereas for pants, put the legs together and then roll it from the waist towards down. Once you put all your clothes, now pack the accessories that can be adjusted in space between the clothes.


2. First Outfit to Wear on Top

If you know that you need to attend a meeting or you need to change your clothes right after getting out of the airport, then keep that specific outfit on the top.

It will help you in finding that outfit without digging down as you get it on top of everything else. It will also help you to prevent wrinkles in that outfit.

3. Place Heavy Items Down

If you have to pack the heavy items like shoes and iron in your travel bag then make sure to keep it down on the side where the bag has wheels. It will help you in keeping the balance of the bag when moving from one place to another.


It will also help your other accessories and items as they won’t be smashed by the heavyweight on the top. If you are going on a camping, then don’t forget to keep these 4 must-have camping tools in your luggage.

4. Organize Liquid Bag

It is important to know what liquid you can bring on the plane and the quantity of the liquid as well. Consult with your travel company about that and then organize the liquid bag. Keep the liquid bag separate or on the top of the luggage so that you can easily clear the security checks.

If you have your DIY jewelry boxes, then keep them in the bag as well to keep the jewelry in separate dedicated jewelry boxes.

5. Keep The Medicine in Handbag

Don’t keep the medicine in a travel bag which you don’t carry with you. If you have a carry-on-bag then you can put the medicine kit in that or keep it in the handbag so that you can get your medicine in an emergency.

6. Get Extra Empty Backpack

backpack travel

If you have a shopping plan as well then don’t forget to put an extra backpack in your luggage. You can put a medium-sized empty backpack so that you can keep the new items you shop in that separate bag.

7. Between Clothes Keep Dry Plastic Bags

Don’t waste your plastic shopping bags. You can layer these cleaning bags between the clothes. It will protect the delicate items when you pull any item layered between the clothes.

These bags will also help in reducing the wrinkles in the clothes.

Bonus Tip

Last, but not least. If you have an RFID card, then don’t forget to keep an RFID blocking wallet with you. It will help you from any unauthorized use of your RFID enabled credit or debit card.

So… Hope you like these 7 simple and easy tips to pack your bags like a pro so that you can travel with ease and you can protect all your items in your traveling bag.

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