How to Buy High-Quality Hand Tools for Cable or Wire Stripping

Wire and cable stripping tools are designed to remove the wiring insulation or outer plastic sheath layer. It’s critical to invest in high-quality wire or cable strippers. You may sustain cuts, bruises, or other injuries if the cable strippers are low grade. You may also verify if the tool is strong enough to pull the sheath off without causing damage to the wiring.

Websites such as  https://www.mektronics.com.au/brands/jokari specialize in selling high-grade, regulation-compliant cable strippers and other tools.

Choose a Tool that Offers Precision and Sharpness

You may check if the tool offers precision. Low-quality tools that do not offer “position-stability” may damage the copper wires or conduits protected by the insulating layer. Some cables and wires come with thick sheaths of insulating layers.

Tools that offer precision also minimize the scope for injuries or damages. You may consider going through the product description to see if the phrase “micro-precision” is mentioned. Top-rated brands even sell tools that offer 0.60 to mm precision.

You may also check if the tool is sharp enough to cut off the thick plastic sheath or insulation layer. The tool should also have the ability to cut solid and stranded wires. Tools that offer adjustable length measurement features offer the highest precision.

Check if the Tool is Lightweight

Go through the product description to check the weight of the tool. Lightweight cable and wire strippers are easy to handle. You can move them without additional strain on your wrist or hands. The scope for injuries is higher with heavy-weight tools. Cable strippers are one of the most common tools in an electrician’s tool kit.

Therefore, you may also develop chronic joint pains and muscular issues by operating heavy cable strippers for long hours every day. The average weight of a standard lightweight cable stripper is around 35 grams.

Find Out if the Tool Supports Replaceable Lever Blades

It takes sharp lever blades to cut thick plastic cable sheaths. However, lever blades are bound to turn blunt after a point. Therefore, it’s best to invest in a cable stripper with replaceable lever blades. Lever blades are relatively inexpensive. Once the blade turns blunt, you can replace the blades instead of replacing the entire tool.

You may go through websites like mentioned above, to find and buy high-grade cable and wire strippers. Reviews and testimonials from former customers can help you make an informed decision.

Check the Model and Build Quality

While cable strippers are not expensive, electricians use them fairly regularly. Investing in a high-grade cable stripper made using high-quality material will help ensure durability and longevity. Also, make sure to go through all the options before choosing one that works best for you.

Consider the reputation of the brand that manufactures the cable or wire stripper you shortlisted. Buying from a reliable brand will ensure safety, durability, and quality.

Several reliable distributor websites and manufacturers now sell electrician’s tools like cable strippers online. You may compare the prices and features of different cable strippers offered by various brands to choose the best one.

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