Traft is Ultralight Two-in-one Packraft

If you want to embrace your outdoor adventures with amazing outdoor experiences, then Traft is a wonderful tent-raft. If offers both camping and rafting at the same time with its comfortable, modular and packable tent-raft.



Thanks to the Traft team for their utmost efforts to provide you durable, lightweight inflatable watercraft with sufficient capacity for ocean adventures, fishing, commuting on water or any water sports that you like. Its two-in-one Traft as when you’ve done your outdoor leisure activity then you can set your own campsite and use your watercraft like a tent.




Durable material has been used that is packable in your backpack. Each unit will surely provide you protection on land, calm water or whenever Traft is used as campsite tent.

Total weight of free-standing one or two-person free-standing tent is under 5.5 lb (2.5 kg) and sleeping pad is 450 to 900 g.



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