Twisting Museum in Norway also bridges a River

Bjarke Ingles Group is an architectural firm which is recently completed a new project called Aptley. It is a bridge, torqued at 90 degree at its center. It is located at a river crossing within Sculpture park in Jevnaker ,Norway. The project has been designed by famous architects Anish Kapoor,Olafur Eliasson ,Lynda Benglis and Fernando Botero.


Two sides of straight bridge are joined by a complex curvature which connects higher hill side bank to the lower frosted river bank. You see arches, curves and spirals whenever you look but when you get close you realize that every ting has been created by straight components of aluminum and wooden board.


Exterior side of bridge comprises of straight 40 Cm wide   panels which look like a stack of books. Inner area of bridge is 1700 Sqft(1000 Sqm) and full height glass wall express panoramic view of external side.


There are three galleries inside the twist, a large gallery with wide view, a dark gallery with artificial lighting and a curved space Enlighted by skylight .A glassy stairway leads to downstairs area of the museum on the North river embankment and the buildings floor serves as a ceiling for toilets area and other basement area.


As you approach the twist you start to notice close view of river below, hills and woodlands outside the city. The museum is a piece of infrastructure and a building also.

For More watch below video.

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