Zaha Hadid designed Futuristic train station for Estonia

Zaha Hadid architects (UK) has been selected to design a new rail terminal in Estonia after participation in an architectural competition along with Estonia’s architectural firm Esplan.  It’s going to be a futuristic and eye-catching addition to the northern European countries emerging rail, bus and air traffic. Zaha has designed some train stations in the past including Fornebubanen metro line and Napoli Afragola stations.



This unique building design is based around an easy to navigate interior and the junction of rail lines tram and bus. A pedestrian bridge is also a part of this project.

The Ulemiste terminal is located in Estonia’s capital Tallinn and this 870 Kilometer electrical railway will connect Estonia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia through Rail Baltica system.


Estonia’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure. Taavi Aas says”

I have been constantly informed about the developments in the Ülemiste area and in light of the works presented to the public today, I am more than convinced that the area is becoming one of the most attractive and, in terms of infrastructure, synergistic in Tallinn. A true multi-modal transport hub is emerging, with rail, bus and air traffic coming together there in the future.


The project comprises a modular structure system and will be constructed in phases to decrease construction cost. It will also features a degree of strength as it is nominated for BREEM certification which is a green building standard.


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