Handmade wooden Cosmetics Organizer

I dedicate this post to cosmetic lover ladies as now they can save their time while in home makeup. Ladies spend a lot of time for makeup early in morning while leaving their home for office or other routine matters. This beautiful handmade wooden cosmetic holder/organizer has been crafted specially for the purpose to save the precious time. No doubt its all-in-one personalized beauty station. You can place all your necessary cosmetics items in one place in a short time.

This wooden cosmetics stand comes into two parts. A special has been made for your mirror that comes as part of the stand. As its fastest communication era so a slot has been given to place your tablet or phone to watch your favorite videos and to communicate with the people while you doing makeup. The wooden cosmetic stand has been crafted so nicely that you can easily move it anywhere in your home. Just put the stand in front of you and start your makeup.

The dock stand serves as an organizer for different accessories like brush, wallet, glasses, sunglasses and jewelry items etc. Different holes are available to organize your cosmetics accessories like eyeliners, brushes, pencils, mascaras, lipsticks, nail polishes, powder, shadow and blush.

The supplies to assemble this wood cosmetics organizer includes wood, walnut and glue. After assembling the wood stand as per design, it has been polished for rustic look and then coated with eco-friendly oil that makes it wear resistant and shockproof. I’m sure that you’ll like this cool handmade wood cosmetics stand.

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DIY Bed with Storage Space

Struggle with small rooms and too much to store. Sounds familiar? Hang on for some amazing ideas on the DIY bed with built-in storage. Honestly, we are all in love with our beds. Beds are where we end our day. But let’s be practical and admit that they take up a lot of space; leaving us with little or no storage space. Don’t be disheartened though. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to create space.

The good news is there are so many DIY bed designs to look for and choose from. The options are countless. Why not benefit from them? If you have huge dressing boxes, put them together and place the mattress over them. This will convert into a strong sturdy bed with lots of storage space.

Another beautiful DIY wooden bed tutorial to come across is using IKEA cabinets as stairs and creating a higher platform bed. Apart from the cabinets, even the stairs can be used to keep things. Moreover, it would be a fun bed to kids also!

You can change your bed base into bookshelves, by using IKEA kitchen cabinets. Handy books make for a happy reader! One of the rather interesting DIY bed plans is arranging small lights on the headboard to make reading easier. Floating bed is another great option. As there are only two legs, all the space under the bed is free to use.

Another popular conventional DIY bed with built-in storage is the one with simple lifting. Turn the base of bed into two large cabinets covered with a huge ply. You just have to lift the mattress and ply o store things.

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DIY Hairpin Desk and Dining Table

Making DIY hairpin desk/table is probably the hottest and happening thing you can do at home! With very few things to start with, hairpin desk gives the house a groovy look. All you need is a woodblock of your choice (any design), hairpin legs, sandpaper, screws, varnish or paint.
First of all, choose a wooden block of your favorite style. Experimenting with a particular shape or a shapeless slab would give your DIY hairpin desk ideas a touch of versatility. If the wood is a little old or antique, give it a rub with sandpaper to make it smooth.
Weather bothers wood. You might want to save it from getting ruined. If you like the naturalness of wood, applying a coat of varnish would be enough. But in case, you want to try out something new, add a splash of color to your DIY homemade dining table by painting it.
Depending upon the purpose, the wood block weight might vary. Picking the right legged hairpins plays a vital role in making DIY hairpin desk and table balanced. If it is light, two legged hairpins would work. Use three legged hairpins when the slab is heavy and requires stability.
Creativity comes in while placing the hairpins with screws. Give your table an amazing look by playing with the positioning of hairpin legs. With ample angles to place, they can give wings to your DIY hairpin desk ideas. The steels legs are sturdy and easy to fit. If the wood is hard, use a drill machine and stay safe.
What’s left to do is finding a lovely corner for your dream table. Show off this DIY homemade dining table to everyone without worrying about a hole in your pocket!

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Amazing DIY Wooden Doll House Plans

The idea of a homemade doll house is simply fascinating to both kids and adults. Everybody cherishes the childhood memories of playing with it. However, the expensive ready made doll houses could make you think twice before buying one.  If you are still planning to have it anyway, here are some nice and easy tips on how to make a wooden doll house.

Wooden dollhouses are sturdy and have a lot of scope for decoration. Wood is considered the best material to make it. You don’t need a lot of materials. Just arrange some old wood planks. Cut them into the same size to place them as side walls of the house. Now, keep them aside and cut two other wood pallets of larger sizes to make the top and bottom of the house.

A DIY doll house project just calls for a simple approach. It doesn’t have to be complex. After the walls and other two sides have been shaped, attach them with the help of nails and brackets. You can divide the house into two stairs and use small stairs. Some leftover thin tiles would work great as wallpapers.

Take the magical look of your homemade doll house up a notch by painting them with fresh floral colors. Kids love colorful lightings. Try and get some little colorful bulbs to decorate and make the insides well-lit. Every living place is incomplete without furniture. To give your DIY doll house project a more sincere outlook, place some miniatures of furniture like almirah and sofa etc. You can even create a huge house with a single floor!

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DIY Standing Laptop Desk

Buying standing desk may be a good plan but why cause a big hole in your pocket, when you can already use our amazing DIY standing laptop desk ideas. Have that bookshelf? Use the upper portion as your office desk, without giving up more space. You can even use a stack of books; it might be less stable though. Another smart way to make standing laptop desk is double-decker desk.

All you have to do is place another small table on your coffee table of same dimensions. This method is very efficient and stable. Place two shelves apart from each other and rest a table or another shelf horizontally on them, to conquer your standing laptop desk plans. If you have some leftover plywood, give it a shape in form of corner long standing desk. They are cheap, easy to build and portable. A wooden plank can simply be fit to the wall using brackets, to give it sturdiness. The best part about

DIY standing laptop desk ideas is that you can customize the table according to your needs. When you have too much to store, use the space under the table top to build multiple drawers and give your room an organized look. Sitting for a long time harms our spine. At the same time, standing continuously may hurt our feet, regardless of whatever alternatives we choose from to make standing laptop desk. Save your feet by placing a cushion on the floor and stand on it. The treadmill can be a great option too. The top of the treadmill has enough space to accommodate your computer system. Freedom to work while working out makes it one of the smartest standing laptop desk plans.

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DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Tolkien’s Map

Are you looking for a coffee table which is handmade, quirky, personalized and fully customized? Then here you are at right place. This handmade industrial pallet coffee table has been made from recycling industrial pallet wood.

After getting good quality pallet it was sanded to give it a rustic look. This pallet coffee table design is simple and rustic. A reclaimed industrial pallet wood board has been fixed atop with metal hairpin legs. Only best quality wood and has been used to get a unique coffee table that will last for years.

To make the coffee table most attractive, Tolkien’s Map of Middle Earth has been made with hand. This is a unique because it has been crafted with love and care.  This coffee table can be assembled with different dimensions as per your requirement.

To have it protected from water and heat, coffee table has been finished with blend of natural oil and polyurethane varnish. Now it has a rustic and wonderful look.

Its legs can be easily detached but super simple to set it again. So it’s a space saving coffee table and easily movable from one place to another.

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DIY Tiny Home smart storage solution

DIY Smart tiny home storage solutions

If you are living in a small and tiny home but worried about storage space in your living place then don’t worry we are here to share with your smart tiny home storage ideas with you. We’ve learned these ideas from tiny house created by Pod Idladla and many other. Below are some easy tiny home storage solutions.

1-Vertical Storage Solutions  

Often the vertical storage shelves go wrong but in this tiny home the case is totally different. In a room of 185 sq ft vertical shelves have been created upto to ceiling to utilize the maximum vertical storage space and to create more space for your living room. In these vertical storage shelves you can save all types of normal and seasonal things in a very arrange manner.

2-Slatwall Shelving

We have learned slatwall shelving idea from tiny home based in Portland, Oregon. As you can see in the picture that slatwall panels have been used to create more and flexible storage space. No bolts have been used so you can rearrange and remove shelving as you like and whenever your mood strikes. What a great tiny home storage idea!

3-Under Floor Storage

Under floor storage idea has been inspired by Brevard Tiny House. They have created under floor storage space by cutting a section of flooring. Here you can save different things even a coffee table.

4-Creative Outdoor Storage

Now go to your exterior to create more storage space like the stairs leading to tiny house. You can use the stairs as your shoe storage box. You can also store your garden tools and other supplies here.

5-Floor Bedding

Murphy beds are most recommended for tiny house however Minim house has come with new and innovative idea that some may like to manage easily even on daily basis. In the picture above you can see that underneath 5 by 7 foot area is enough to manage a full size bed.

6-Clever Built-ins for Storage

Zoku Amsterdam is a hotel for business travelers. Their loft-like micro-dwellings feature practical built-ins that make them feel more like tiny homes than temporary crash pads. We like the staircase appearing in above picture as when retracted into the wall it creates more floor space for your storage solutions.

7-Double Duty Furniture

Another tip that we learn from Bayview tiny house designed by Andrews University of Architecture. Their idea to use double duty furniture is really cool. The furniture used in the tiny house function double for instance furniture used in kitchen also used as workspace and to store things underneath and behind each seat.

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DIY Garden Counter Bar

Ever wondered about how you can recycle and re-use your old products? Well, lately I have been working on a few projects and one of them includes a Garden Counter Bar, a great DIY project for summers which totally adds up value to the beauty of your home.

Have you always wanted to have your very own Garden Bar? If yes, then this post will help you in developing an easy garden counter, this should be in your DIY summer bucket list. Believe it’s not that hard to make, it literally took me exact two days to develop my own DIY garden counter bar.

Stuff you need:

  • 4 large discarded Pallets

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Wooden Paint
  • Clear Varnish

  • Old Roof Joists

Let’s roll it – DIY Garden Counter Bar

There are some pretty basic steps that you need to follow to make your very own fabulous looking garden bar.

Step 1:

Collect all of your discarded pallets (should be in intact form) and polish, for the main counter table you’ll need 4 large pallets. Paint them with your favorite color (I used royal blue color).

Step 2:

Once you are done with painting all the pallets, its time let them try for at least 3-4 hours under the sun.

Step 3:

Once the pallets are completely dry it’s time to polish them with varnish, this will keep the paint in shape and won’t let it scrap off of the pallets.

Step 4:

Now take your rook joists and varnish them as well, let them aside for 3-4 hours until fully dry.

Step 5:

Now you have all the dried out pallets and rook joists. It’s time to join them altogether in a form of a counter. Use the nails to join pallets and roof joists. Be careful with the hammer.

It’s your time to show off your efforts and let your friends and family see what an amazing talent you got! Show them your DIY creativity in form of DIY Garden Counter Bar now!

DIY Tyres Seating for Garden

Hey folks, today I am going to share one of my favorite DIY ideas with you. I made these amazing DIY tyres seating for garden and my family totally loves it. I would love to share these simple yet amazingly funky looking tyres seats.

This idea truly inspired my neighbors and friends and they applied it on their unused tyres as well. You can make perfect looking tyres seats that provide ultimate comfort as well. You don’t have to pay extra money for garden sitting chairs or seats because now you can make your very own trendy and super comfy DIY Tyres seating.

Stuff that you’ll need for DIY Tyres Seating

  • 3 tyres


  • Spray Paints (should be of funky bright color, I personally love yellow and royal blue, you can choose any of your favorite colors)


  • Plywood (must be around 50cm in diameter and should be 1cm thick.
  • Reliable Glue Gun


  • Polyester Stuffing (of your preference)
  • Staple Gun
  • Fabric (to cover the polyester-any color of your choice)
  • Interior Clear Varnish

How we do it-DIY Tyres Seating Method

  1. Lay your hands on the tyres I used the old tyres of my previous car, which was not in use. I bleached the tyres and brushed all the dust and dirt of the tyres. Follow this step and clean your tyres and let them dry for at least 3-4 hours.
  2. Once the tyres completely dry off, it’s time to spray paint them. Apply at least 3 coats on each tyre with an interval of 1-1.5 hours. After each coat, let them dry before applying a second coat.
  3. To make your DIY tyre seats look beautiful and durable, it is important to coat them with clear varnish. This step will help in sealing and preventing the spray paint from scratching off the tyres.
  4. Apply at least 2 layers of interior clear varnish on the tyres.
  5. Glue the circular plywood on one open side of the tyre.
  6. From the other side fill in the polyester and cover it with fabric by stapling it from the edges.
  7. Flip it over, and here you go, your amazing looking DIY Tyres Seats for gardens are ready to be used.

Subscribe to the posts and don’t miss any of our DIY ideas, I will be posting more interesting stuff soon. Stay tuned!


Deck decoration with pallet furniture

Outdoor Pallet furniture:

Hello folks. You all know that you have to decorate you decks with furniture though it is not an easy task. But you have do it willy-nilly in order to make your home feel like heaven on earth. The main thing is that you can embellish your deck with pallet furniture which can be easily made at home.

I have some good ideas regarding outdoor pallet furniture. The main idea is to make your house look good and I will take care of this throughout this blog post.


Making corner couches:

These lovely corner sofas are just awesome. You can place them in your backyard and enjoy the semi-open area with these comfy couches. They are so simple to make. You have to cut out pallets for the seats, the bottom support and the back. Nail all of them together to give them the shape of sofa.




This is just perfect table and stool set for your backyard. You can enjoy coffee and sandwiches here with your family.



These pallet chairs are nice for relaxing yourself.


You can make a nice sitting area for your children using recycled pallet.


You can make a day bed out of pallet and spend your leisure time on it.



You need to be very creative in order to make such cool stuff.



These classy sofas will add to the beauty of your deck.





Another cool pair of chairs.



Colorful furniture made using recycled pallet.


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