DIY Inspirational Home Decor Ideas

What’s more exciting than a DIY home decorating on a budget? It’s simple to do and fun on that. You have so much to choose from as the options available are plenty. Thinking of giving your old plain walls a makeover? Erase that vacant look with hanging some bright cheerful canvases. Shells and crystals in a bowl are not only fascinating; they are one of the best cheap DIY decorating ideas to warm up the entrance or a dull corner. While browsing the internet, we all come across some beautiful abstract images. Well, you can get them printed on paper and hang them with a glass cover. And how about sharing some memories with guests? Frame the joyous family photographs and decorate your hallway with them. Exploring cheap home decorating plans doesn’t mean compromising on taste. Bunch up some colorful scented candles on that table to give your place an elegant look! Talking about DIY home decorating on a budget might remind us of that old lamp shade resting somewhere in the corner of the house. Bring it to life by painting it with fresh or neutral colors of your choice and show it off. You can even use an affordable paper shade and paint it. A stack of books placed on a table or a shelf scores high on the cheap DIY decorating ideas. Books in a pile look classy and stylish. They are great accessories to reflect your interests as well. Embellish the lobby with a mirror in a vintage frame, for the magical appearance. And while you are drooling over these cheap home decorating plans, here is one more tip. Paint your ceilings to bring a refreshing look to your house.

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Impressive home entryway decorating Ideas

Someone well said that “first impression is the last impression” so decorating your home entryway is planned with the same rule. To make a rustic and impressive look of your home entry, all things that are available in your home entry way must be decorated with proper planning. In home entryway decorating, you can decorate wall with different art, furniture with different styles, stairs with attractive style railing etc. there are so many ideas to decorate your home entryway. Here I’ve a collection of easy home decorating ideas for you. Try it and give a wonderful look to your home entryway.

In contemporary style, home entryway is often spacious so only a bench with rug is sufficient to decorate your home entryway. Sometime a good wall painting at your home entryway offer a gorgeous look to the home visitors. It’s another way to decorate your home entryway. Below are some nice ideas to decorate your home entryway.

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DIY inspired decorating with Nests

Spring is at its boom and it’s time to décor your home with nests as it will beautify your home with a natural rustic look. I’m big fan of collecting nests and to décor my home these nests by adding different things to it. Adding nests will add softness and little bit of fluff and lot of prettiness to your lovely living space.

Here are ten gorgeous ideas to décor your home with nests. Adding flowers to your bought nests will add beauty to your home. Don’t forget to add couple of little eggs. I made it many years ago and its still my one of favorites DIY Ideas.

Add little nests to your tablescape and some little balls instead of eggs.

Here are more DIY inspired decorating with Nests ideas. I hope you will enjoy and like this cool decorating ideas for your living space.

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DIY Cool floating Shelves Ideas

Today I’ll share a two in one DIY project with you. Do you want to décor your living space and organize your things in one DIY project? Guess what’s in my mind? Well let’s break the surprise and talk about how to organize your things with floating shelves as floating shelves will not only keep your things organized but these will also decorate your living space with their rustic look. Don’t worry about your budget as you can build your own wood floating shelves if you can afford your few moments from your busiest schedule.

Are you thinking about the material required for this project? Please don’t worry almost all material will be available in your home. It includes wood round plate, scissor and yarn. Cut the yarn and tie a knot in the center of round wood plate as its going to be centerpiece of the hanger. Floating shelves are very popular because these are airy and don’t take too much space. These are very helpful to organize your things and décor your living space as well.

To complete your cool DIY floating shelves project, see the below pictures these are very easy to follow. I hope you’ll enjoy easy floating shelves ideas.


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Enchanting deck designs

Pallet deck ideas:

Hello people. I am here again to give you some ideas of decorating your home. Deck is an important part of your house. It needs to be built and decorated so that it becomes a place where you can spend your leisure time in a good manner. Here you can sit and read books or enjoy time with your family. The good thing is that you can make deck with recycled pallets which sounds very economical.

Making your deck:

All you have to do is cut out square pieces and implant them on the floor.

You can also make carvings on the pallet to make the floor of the deck look more beautiful. You can also use different colors of pallets to make the deck look more attractive. Moreover place some good aromatic plants over the deck which can refresh you. You can put light weight sofas in your deck.

Also have a patio swing hung in your deck which will make it more adorable.


This deck is perfect for having brunch.


This area made with pallet is extremely beautiful. This deck seems so comforting.

This one is best for a house in woods.


Some more soothing decks.

A peaceful area with plants all around.

Stay tuned in for the next blog.

DIY Wonderful Stone Decor Ideas

There are so many stunning ideas that you can achieve all alone at your lovely home, because they are so easy to realize. One of those creative ideas is to make DIY gorgeous stone project for indoor or outdoor. All you need for this project is to prepare different sizes and colours of rocks and your homemade stone craft can begin.

So many options are possible to accomplish in your house, like frame and candle decoration, stone path in garden, doormat, wall ornaments, to create rock fence and stand for table in the yard. To make exterior yard rock path use recycled pallets. Cut pallets to create same size and shape planks and arrange them on ground to get squares. Then fill the center of empty space with rocks and you path is ready.

To make DIY easy stone doormat, just use cork base and with a help of hot glue stick rocks on cork and you will have amazing rock decor in front of your house. You may also get modern pallet stone table in living room if you attach little white or grey rocks in space between pallets. Use stones to decorate mirror frame or fill the jars with candles and flowers to make rustic ornament items.

For unique window rock decoration use aluminum wire that can be easily bended and shaped, put rocks and wind around them with wire. Kids will be thrilled if you make home wall stone birds in their room and also little foot decor. This project is so interesting that you will enjoy and have fun more than it will seem that you are working.

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Recycling Old Guitar DIY Ideas

If you have an old guitar that is just standing in the corner and gathering the dust, you will find this project very attractive and interesting. Homemade guitar reuse ideas is the best way to finally find purpose for guitar that is taking up space but you can’t rid of it, because it reminds you at the unforgettable and wonderful memories.

With this DIY recycled guitar decoration, not only will you save a guitar but you will do something extraordinary and unusual which will adorn your house or department. To realize this creative guitar project you will need to prepare variety materials that depend on what kinds of decorations you’re going to choose for rooms in your home. You can make so many different ornaments like wall or floor shelves for living room and kitchen, makeup and jewelry organizer shelf, lamp and other unique items.

If you have broken guitar you just need to cut the top of guitar, stick the metal hanger on it and create simple guitar cloth hanger. To make useful guitar shelves you must separate the front of the guitar and make a free space in it, where you will later stick wooden boards of appropriate size with hot glue. For natural guitar look you can leave it that way, but you may also paint it with colours or decorate it with some vintage paper design.

Also guitar can be used like storage for wine bottles and books, or make gorgeous lighting guitar lamp that you may put on your night table in bedroom. You may decorate your guitar with some flowers if you want to, and there are so many other different creations that you have to try at your house.

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DIY: World Map Home Decor

People who love geography and who would like to spend life traveling will adore this interesting project. Homemade world maps decoration is best opportunity to create something that will always remind you on your passion for traveling. Every corner in your home can be decorated with maps so you can often remember beautiful moments you spent on your trips.

This is very easy project, it’s inexpensive and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on these creative ideas. First you need to prepare ornaments and items in your home that you want to decorate and renew like some old lamps, jewelry boxes, wall paintings, flowerpots or any other item in house that you got bored and that needs to be changed into something more modern and beautiful. Then you prepare world map paper, scissors, glue and you are ready to start with making a new house ornaments.

To make world map wall pictures, find some old frames, cut the wanted size of map and stick it with glue on wood frame. You may cover all frame with map or you can cut some lovely shapes like hearts with some cities you like the most. Create unique and incredible map cabinet with drawers and all friends will envy you on such inspirational capability.

Make DIY map lamps for your bedroom or living room or very easy homemade map bottles and decorative letters. For those who would like to renew their wardrobe with map paper, can use their boring shoes and purses to create a new modern fashionable map clothes and accessories.

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How to Decor with British Flags

London is the capital city of England, which has so many interesting places and sights to see. People who visited this city were enchanted and those who didn’t, are hoping that one day they will see this magnificent place. No one can explain why people adore this city so much, but they love it so much that they try to transfer part of London in their homes. The best way to do that is to look at Homemade British furniture ideas.

The most typical sights of London that people apply on their furniture at home, is the flag theme. You just need to buy blue, red and white paint, and everything is ready for your British style craft. Make the pallet British table for your living room or bedroom by painting the pallet with three mentioned colours. At the end put movable table legs and everything is ready to call your friends on coffee and gossip.

If you have some old boring furniture that you need to refresh use the paint to renew the old item and make something new and incredible. Decorate your wardrobe closet with British flag or buy some fabric that has flag pattern to change an old middle age chair. Make DIY flag mirror by just coloring some frame that you already have at your home. Find in store big flag poster and stick it with glue on bed’s headboard in your bedroom.

You may also make some ornaments like jars, pillows or storage boxes with British stylish theme. For those who would like to have wardrobe with the flag of their favorite country, can decorate denim jacket, bag or make some chick fashionable jewelry.

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Easy Rings Craft Ideas

Rings have long since become an indispensable part of fashion accessories .The custom of giving and receiving finger rings dates back over approximately 6000 years. Women and men all around the world had wore finger rings since olden times and that tradition has continued to this day. Only now people creativity has evolved and they create more interesting and different ring copies. Your hands are in spotlight every day, so they deserve to be decorated and dressed up with some beautiful hand jewelry.

There are so many creative options for rings that you will certainly like our fun and easy ring craft. The different materials you can use for this purpose, such as ring frames, wires, multicolored stones, glitter and zircons, buttons and everything you seem useful. If you have an old ring that you are bored and not attractive anymore, you can decorate it and renew it to look like you bought a new one.

The easiest way to make rings is to use wires, with a help of pliers curve the wire to make a wanted shape. You can make love and heart ring sign, sign for infinity or you may use one unique stone to decorate the ring. If you are patient and you have more time, you can create blue ombre stones ring. You need to make a little hole on every stone and pull the wire try to connect all stones.

For glitter ring use frame in wanted shape like mustache or some other that you can find in store and create modern sparkle finger ornament. Also you may use pearls to make lady chick ring decoration.
Have fun and make some easy ring craft.

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