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5 DIY Wedding Flowers Ideas

Flowers can be one of the most expensive parts of your wedding. Luckily, it does not have to be expensive when you do it yourself!

Grow your flowers at home and create beautiful floral arrangements by selecting flowers that complement your theme. Choosing to grow flowers or make your own bouquet can make a memorable experience for you and your wedding party.

This article discusses unique wedding flower ideas. Continue reading this article to learn 5 DIY wedding flower ideas. 

Are you looking to make a DIY wedding bouquet or floral arrangement from your home garden? In addition to saving money, making your floral arrangements can be a fantastic idea for bringing a piece of yourself into your wedding.

1: Grow your flowers

Whether you have a home garden already or want to try your chances at starting one for your wedding, it can be delightful to grow your flowers. Having home-grown flowers at your wedding adds a unique experience that will be unforgettable.

2: Purchase flowers wholesale

Purchasing flowers wholesale is a great way to ensure you can supply your wedding with beautiful flowers. Wholesale means you have a large supply of fresh flowers. 

Craft centerpieces and decorations by yourself or with your wedding party. There are various unique ideas on Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media sites. 

3: Create your centerpieces at home

Creating your centerpieces at home can be time-consuming. However, getting your wedding party together and then allocating resources can be a good way to minimize time. Plus, it can be a fun bonding activity for you and your wedding party.

4: Make paper mache flowers

Do you want a unique option you probably haven’t seen before? Try using paper mache flowers. Anyone can create paper mache flowers. Despite their simplicity, paper mache flowers are time-consuming, so you should spend a significant amount of time making them. 

Although the plain newspaper is one of the most common ways to make flowers, you can make them in any color by choosing various colored paper or painting your newspaper. 

5: Void using flowers

If you’re not a fan of flowers, use something else for centerpieces. Not everyone needs flowers at their wedding to make an impact. Instead, use something else to decorate your wedding.

For instance, shells can complement a beachside wedding well, or pinecones at a winter wedding. By voiding flowers and choosing something else for centerpieces and decorations, you can become as creative as you want.


Decorating your wedding with flowers does not have to be expensive. Despite it being time-consuming, doing it yourself can be inexpensive and memorable. Doing it yourself gives you the opportunity to bond with your fiance and wedding party.

There are many great ideas for DIY wedding flowers. For instance, you can decorate your wedding with unique centerpieces made from home-grown or paper mache flowers. These will set your wedding apart from other people. Plus, decorating your wedding with these flowers can add deep meaning to your wedding.

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