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7 DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas on a Budget

It would not be wrong to say that the wedding day is the most special occasion in any person’s life. Therefore, people spend their savings and hard-earned money as much as they can to make this event a memorable day. You will agree with this that it’s not easy to hire a wedding planner on a low budget. But don’t worry, we are here for you. If you have no budget for a wedding planner, you can still wow your ceremony with the best DIY wedding decoration ideas.

So today em going to share seven wedding decoration ideas on a budget. Any couple can follow these simple, easy, doable, and economical wedding decoration ideas for their bid day.

Simple Wedding Decoration Ideas

Arrange Bouquets as Per Your Liking

It is not a tough task to design a simple bouquet for your life partner. Making a DIY flower bouquet for your wedding day with your own efforts is one of the best wedding planning ideas. Flowers are the sign of love, positivity, new life, and happiness. So you can design a beautiful bouquet with your favorite flowers and likings for the big day.

DIY flower crowns

You can make a simple DIY flower crown as it is a cheap wedding decoration idea you can follow on your wedding day. It is not difficult. Even a child could make a simple flower crown. But keep in mind that do not make flower crowns out of one-color flowers. Try to add different colored flowers so that they can look awesome.

DIY drink bar wedding

Imagine a drink bar display at your wedding venue. DIY drink bar is the best wedding decoration idea for reception. You can use old jars for this purpose. Keeping in mind your guest’s likings you can add lemonade or iced tea or any other drink they like.

DIY wedding lights

Lightings are an essential part of any event. But as the wedding event is something extraordinary, therefore, add lightings as per your likings. DIY wedding string lights are a unique wedding decoration idea at home. You can buy string lights at affordable prices or hire on rent from a local vendor.

Lounge seating wedding reception

Do not forget to include the lounge seating idea in your wedding decoration checklist. It would be perfect and trust me your guests would love this arrangement.

DIY photobooth – Wedding decoration flowers

The DIY wedding photo booth is a unique and best wedding decoration idea you won’t see anywhere else. You can use colorful flowers to make a great photo booth design. It is unique and straightforward. If you want your guests to say goodbye to your wedding with great memories, must follow this latest wedding decoration idea.

Mr. weds Mrs. Banner – Wedding decoration ideas indian

One of the biggest confusions in a wedding event is that most guests do not know who is the couple? So to avoid this confusion you can hang a beautifully designed Mr. weds Mrs. banner at the reception gate or anywhere else you want. You can also hang this banner on the photobooth.

Wedding decoration ideas homemade

So now you have the all-important info regarding simple wedding decoration ideas. All the wedding plan ideas mentioned above are straightforward and you can try them at home.

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