DIY Crafts for Teen Girls

DIY Crafts for Teen Girls – 5 Minute Crafts at Home

Easy DIY crafts do not require too much money. You can make cute and valuable things for yourself in no time. So instead of wasting your hard-earned money on buying different things, start DIY crafting to show the world your creativity. Mostly, people do not start DIY crafts because they do not know where to start? Therefore, I’m here for those girls and boys who are looking for easy DIY crafts to do at home.

Today’s guide is for girls. I have gathered five-minute DIY Crafts for Teen Girls to do at home. Keep in mind that this guide is not only for women. Men can also try these easy-peasy DIY 5 minute crafts.

DIY crafts for teens

  1. DIY custom mugs
  2. DIY cardboard box storage
  3. DIY phone cover
  4. DIY candle holder
  5. DIY chain bracelet
  6. DIY bath bombs
  7. DIY zipper pouch

DIY Custom Mugs

The DIY custom coffee mug is a good idea to start your DIY craft passion. It is easy because you do not need too many things to make a coffee or tea mug. You will need oil paint markers and oven-proof mugs. With a little creativity and passion, you can make an easy DIY custom mug as per your likings.

DIY cardboard box storage

So if you want to create extra storage to place your daily use stuff at a single place, then DIY cardboard box storage is the best idea. It is another easy and doable home craft you can make in just five minutes. Choose your favorite wrapping paper and create a custom DIY storage box for yourself.

DIY phone cover

Girls always love a fancy and cute phone cover. With the help of a mat doily and nail polish, you can turn your simple phone cover into a good-looking one. See the picture for a better idea. It is the best DIY craft for girls.

DIY candle holder

Making a do-it-yourself candle holder is the best DIY idea for girl’s bedroom. For any woman that is looking for easy home improvement ideas, a DIY candle holder is the best one. You can use nail polish glitter to design your favorite art on the candle holder.

DIY chain bracelet

Jewelry is a thing a girl can’t live without. It is difficult to buy a new bracelet every now and then due to budget issues. But you do not need to be worried about when you can create a stylish DIY chain bracelet for yourself. See the picture or watch a tutorial on YouTube for a better idea.

DIY bath bombs

Everybody loves the bath bombs. You can create your own bath bombs instead of buying a new one from a store. Also, the DIY bath bombs are a great idea to gift to a close friend.

DIY zipper pouch

Girls need pouch wherever they go. To put a gadget and some make-up stuff, a pouch is necessary. Instead of wasting money girls can create a DIY zipper pouch within 5 minutes. Watch a zipper pouch tutorial on Youtube to create the best one.

DIY crafts for Woman

So here are awesome DIY crafts for teen girls. Do not forget to write down your favorite one.

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