CES 2018

What will be exhibited at CES 2018

What is CES? The world biggest show, I mean Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held every year in January at Las Vegas is a premier electronic convention held annually for showcasing exceptional technological advancements in the consumer electronics industry. This year, CES will hold from January 9 through January 12, 2018, marked its 51th anniversary with Continue reading

World biggest plane

World’s largest amphibious plane completes its maiden flight successfully in China

Following eight years being developed, the world’s biggest plane, capable to land on the water, plane has taken to the skies in China for its maiden flight. The AG600, codenamed Kunlong, serenely burned through one-hour flying at a height of 3,000 meters (9,800 ft) before securely arriving back at the Jinwan Civil Aviation Airport in Continue reading

latest wireless charging tech

FCC certifies first Wireless Charging Tech

Before it can be genuinely helpful, wireless charging innovation needs to move past gadgets sitting on cushions to where it can transit control over a room. Energous is creating innovation that can do only that, and now the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has conceded endorsement for the Wattup Mid Field transmitter, which can charge gadgets Continue reading

how to order food through kiosk

Caliburger let you order burgers with your face

An AI-enabled self-ordering kiosk is being tested by a chain of restaurant in US. The self-ordering kiosk uses facial recognition to identify the customers and recall their favorite food orders. Probably this will be the future fast food ordering or a weird device that people will use. The technology is no stranger for Restaurant chain Continue reading

wireless charging pads

Continental will bring its wireless charging EV Pads to CES

There is good news for EV owners as Continental AG has announced today that it will introduce its version of technology at CES at next month along with a new onboard charging station promised to give EV owners a greater flexibility. Inductive charging systems would be a game-changer for EV such as those BMW, Mercedes Continue reading