Rinspeed all electric mobility pod

Rinspeed’s all electric mobility pod Snap will show at CES 2018

The Swiss automaker Rinspeed has disclosed more details about its latest concepts which is to be revealed at CES in next month. Explaining more about its two-part electric vehicle designed to be recycled and upgraded to keep pace with upcoming automotive technologies. The basic concept is not actually new as we already learnt about Rinspeed’s Continue reading

DAPRA organic sensors

DAPRA plans to create Organic Surveillance Sensors

Dedicated to develop innovations that strive for transformational technologies change, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DAPRA) is an US Govt technology research arm which has announced a number of landmarks this year. It includes new gene editing technologies and development into brain computer interface devices. The latest one of them to be revealed has been Continue reading

weebly to wordpress

Website Migration (DIY) From Weebly To WordPress

For many reasons, Weebly is the first choice for many newbie bloggers and small business owners. There are various factors of selecting Weebly as their first website or blog platform. Three main reasons for selecting the Weebly are: No need to buy domain, use a subdomain No need to buy hosting server, Weebly provides hosting Continue reading