Check These 2 Amazing DIY Pet Carrier Ideas From Used Items

Buying a new pet carrier for your small dog, cat, or other pets might be an expensive option. But when you transform your old shoulder bag, basket, backpack, and other old items into a beautiful DIY pet carrier then why would you buy a new one?

Check these 2 amazing DIY pet carrier ideas that you can make yourself from the used items at home.

Old Bucket Pet Carrier

DIY Old Bucket Pet Carrier

You can transform the old bucket that you don’t use now into a beautiful pet carrier. Just wash your old bucket to remove any dirt, dust, and debris from it and remove any stickers from that bucket.

You can use a small paintbrush to decorate it if you have the skills. Keep an old but clean cushion inside the bucket so that it can work like a cat bed for your cat or other pets. Don’t remove the handle of the bucket so that you can easily carry this beautiful old bucket pet carrier with you.

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Transform Old Purse into a Dog Carrier

The old purse that you no longer use, can be transformed into a small dog carrier easily. A bag with a big central pocket will work best for your DIY pet carrier project. First of all, you need to wash your old purse and let it dry. Then get some waterproofing solution for your bag and coat the inside of the bag and let it dry.

Get some quilted material and sew the plastic canvas inside it. Make sure that it fits exactly inside the central pocket. It will help the pet inside this pet carrier to feel fluffy and comfortable. For the protection of the dog, you can remove the zipper and can sew it with some decorative threads.

It is useful because the fur of the dog or cats will not get stuck into the zip when you remove it. The decorative thread can be used to shut some part of the bag when the pets are inside.

When you close some part, it will protect your dog or cat from falling outside of the old purse pet carrier if she jumps in the bag.

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