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How to Make a Phone Case from Scratch? DIY Phone Cover 2021

These days, people do not use phone cases only to protect their gadgets. Phone covers have become more than that, and it would not be wrong to say that they have become a fashion in 2021. However, it’s not easy to buy yourself new and stylish phone cases every now and then.

Obviously, buying new phone cases required a handsome amount, and a layman cannot afford this. On the other hand, why spend money when you can make a DIY phone cover for yourself on a budget.

So today am sharing some awesome DIY phone case ideas to follow in 2021. Continue reading if you are looking for how to make a phone case from scratch?

How to Make a Homemade Phone Case:

1- DIY Phone Case Kit Washi Tape

DIY Phone Cover


So if you are looking for how to make DIY phone cases with Decorative Washi Tape, you are at the right place. You can buy washi tapes in so many colors and designs. A washi tape cell phone cover is an economical and straightforward idea to make a homemade phone case.

All you need to do is buy a washi tape in your favorite color and design and simply change your boring phone cover into a new and stylish one. If you are confused and looking for a phone cover tutorial, simply Google it.

2- DIY Phone Case Design Rainbow Buttons

diy phone case design


Using rainbow buttons is an easy DIY phone case design you can make at home. These days, mobile companies provide a simple transparent cover within the box. Take some colorful buttons and glue them on a transparent cover.

3- DIY Phone Case Nail Polish

diy phone case nail polish


With nail polish art, you can make an awesome DIY phone back cover within a few minutes. Take a mat doily, a permanent marker, and your favorite nail polish. Draw a beautiful pattern and change your simple cover into a stylish one.

4- DIY Phone Case with Stickers

diy phone case kit


You can choose stickers of your favorite character to make a phone case from scratch. This is another easy phone case design you can make without any rocket science. Do not forget to use smiley faces or heart signs while making a phone cover.

5- DIY Candy Phone Case

DIY Candy Phone Case


Making a phone case with sweets and candies is another simple way of designing a back cover for your smartphone. This will look awesome and reflect a positive image of your personality.

6- Crystallized Phone Case

Crystallized Phone Case


A crystal phone case pouch is the best idea to design a modern phone case for yourself. You will need glue, colored crystals, and some stones to make a crystallized phone case for your smartphone. Keep in mind you can also gift it to a friend on her special day. A crystallized phone case is easy to make and does not require much money.

DIY clear phone cases ideas

So now you can design an awesome and stylish phone cover for your gadget. These are the latest cool DIY phone case designs for 2021.

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