3 Amazing and Easy DIY Woodworking Projects For Beginners

If you love making things yourself, then woodworking projects are just perfect. You can learn a lot in DIY woodworking projects and you can improve your creativity skills as well.

In this article, I am going to mention 3 simple but still amazing DIY woodworking projects that you can start with as a beginner. You can also learn how to use a router as a beginner while working on these projects.

DIY Hardwood Cutting Board

hardwood cutting board

Making a DIY hardwood cutting board is the simplest DIY woodworking project that you can do as a beginner. For this, you need to get a few pieces of hardwood. Try to get at least 3 pieces of wood slightly different in color to get a good look.

You can choose the wood spices as per your choice but according to me, maple is a good wood type for making the hardwood. Cut these wood pieces in an equal size of length whereas the width might be different.

Use a food-safe waterproof glue to join all the pieces of the wood. After joining the pieces, use two or three bar clamps to allow the glue to set. Allow at least 30 minutes and make sure to apply the same pressure on all the clamps.

Now remove the clamps and now it is time to sand the board. You can use an electric sander to remove the hardened glue and to make the board surface smooth. To make round edges, you can use a woodworking router as well. You can use any router to make the edges round but Porter-Cable 892 2-1/4-HP router is perfect for this work.

Apply food-safe wood finish and let it dry. Your hardwood cutting board is ready now you can use it in your kitchen to chop away your food.

DIY Oak Book Stand

Making a wooden book stand is a great project that can be very helpful in learning the DIY art. If you love to read books or you want to display a book vertically on a book stand that has beautiful images then this project is especially for you.

You just need to get two similar and matching halves oak wood and cut that in a shape that can be used as a stand. You can separate both halves by a pair of hinges so that you can adjust the book stand according to your requirements.

To make the book stand more beautiful, don’t forget to use a woodworking router to make the edges round and you can also make a unique shape from the edges using your router skills. Here you can also learn how to make a DIY bookshelf.

Make a DIY Shoe Organizer

At number 3, I have listed the Shoe organizer. If you make a wooden shoe organizer you can save a lot of money and it will also be very useful as you might need one to organize your shoe collection.

Again a woodworking router can be very handy in making holes in the wood and making different designs. You can make the design if you have some experience in using the router. It will also help in making the round edges.

Check this amazing handmade shoe organizer. You can also make one yourself if you read the article carefully and follow the tutorial.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Shoe Organizer

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