How to Make a DIY Kitchen Apron at Home

DIY White Apron

The apron is a piece of extra cloth that is used by chefs to protect their clothing or costume. If you are a housewife, you must have an idea of how important is apron during cooking or doing any other work. It’s not easy to buy a new apron every month. Therefore, I’m sharing here an easy way to make a simple Apron in a day. DIY crafting is the best way to make different things on a low budget. The best thing about this homemade project is that you do not need any expensive supplies. Take a look at the things you will need to make a DIY chef apron:

How to Make a DIY Kitchen Apron at Home

Supplies needed for DIY kitchen apron

  • Apron
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Weeding Tool
  • Silhouette Cameo 3

1- DIY Apron Design

To make the front design of the apron go to the Silhouette library and pick up the right design that will look nice on the Apron. The important thing to keep in mind is to choose the size of your design wisely. Don’t choose a design that exceeds the size of your apron.

DIY Apron Idea

2- Mirror the Design

The next step is to mirror the design so that we can cut it easily. See the pictures to understand how to do this step accurately.

Kitchen apron homemade

DIY apron housewife

3- Separate the Design

As I’ve chosen a design of different colors therefore I ungroup the design.

DIY Kitchen apron

4- Cut the Design

Now it’s time to cut your design. Remember to put the glossy part downwards while cutting the design. Do not forget to check the heat transfer option during this process.

DIY white kitchen apron

5- Weed the Apron Design

Now in the fifth step weed the design of the Apron. Use a weeding tool for this and pull out the design slowly.

How to design apron at home

6- Place the Design

Now place the design accurately onto the apron. Make 100% sure that it is in the right place before you ironed it down.

How to Make a DIY Kitchen Apron

7- Iron the design

Iron each piece correctly. Put the iron right on the top and do not take it off until you are sure that it is firmly attached to the cloth. This step is very important. Therefore make sure not to do any mistakes at this point. A little mistake here could waste all your efforts.

simple kitchen apron

add design to the apron



8- Add Extra Details

Your kitchen apron is almost ready now. All you need to do now is to give the finishing touches. Add a stylish ribbon on the edges. Use hot glue to attach the ribbon. You can also add any extra pattern you like.

Best Kitchen Apron Ideas
Best apron homemade

Start Cooking Now

I hope you have enjoyed this post. After reading this I’m sure you can make a beautiful kitchen apron easily. Share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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