DIY Rainbow Window

Reproduced Window Shutter Decor Ideas

Change the purpose of old window shutters by using them for home decoration. DIY interior or exterior shutter creations is perfect project for you if you like to have rustic and vintage details in your rooms. These ideas you can realize very fast because you can easily achieve the expected results with little effort and money.

Everything you need to prepare for this homemade shutter assignment are some old unused windows, box with tools and paint if you want to colour your final product. First you need to separate the window frame because we won’t use it in this project but save it for some other, and start with your repurpose shutter decor project.

You can make DIY colorful window shutter fence or whole wall covered with shutters of different sizes, which can be painted in pastel colours to make your kitchen more beautiful and rustic. You can also use this wooden shutter to put mail or magazines, so that everything looks organized and neat. Create the remarkable antique shutter wall decoration for living room or use it to make bed headboardin your bedroom.

For kid’s room you can just paint the window shutter boards in rainbow colours and they will enjoy every moment spent in their lovely room. You can also use shutters to make shelves for towels in bathroom or a board that will be used for wardrobe hanging wardrobe. You have so many shitter decoration ideas like options that you will certainly find and choose the best for indoor or the outdoor of your house.

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