Using pallets to make accessories for your home.


Sometime you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to make your home look appealing. You can use the cheap available resource to make your home captivating. Pallets can be used to make furniture and other accessories needed in your home. You can make benches, chairs, tables, shoes racks and other useful items from pallets.

DIY swing bench.

Do you need a swing bench for your back yard? Or do you have a garden or a pack and you are in need of benches and seats? Well worry not. You can make swing benches out of cheap materials from wood pallets.  Three pallets are enough to make one swing bench. Swing benches are ideal for parks and gardens.

DIY patio coffee table.

This is a white coffee table commonly known as chic white pallet patio coffee table. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor set ups. Next to it, we usually have people seated.


DIY pallet bed.

With several pallets one can make a bed that has storage capabilities. The bed has compartments where one can keep his or her shoes, books and other valuables.


DIY kitchen utensil holder.

You can hang on pallet on your kitchen wall and drive in some nails on the pallet. These nails shall be used to hang some utensils in the kitchen.

kitchen utensil holder.

DIY pallet pet bed. 

You can recycle the old pallets in your home and make your pet a bed. For a cat you can use one pallet.

pet bed.

DIY Wonderful Stone Decor Ideas

There are so many stunning ideas that you can achieve all alone at your lovely home, because they are so easy to realize. One of those creative ideas is to make DIY gorgeous stone project for indoor or outdoor. All you need for this project is to prepare different sizes and colours of rocks and your homemade stone craft can begin.

So many options are possible to accomplish in your house, like frame and candle decoration, stone path in garden, doormat, wall ornaments, to create rock fence and stand for table in the yard. To make exterior yard rock path use recycled pallets. Cut pallets to create same size and shape planks and arrange them on ground to get squares. Then fill the center of empty space with rocks and you path is ready.

To make DIY easy stone doormat, just use cork base and with a help of hot glue stick rocks on cork and you will have amazing rock decor in front of your house. You may also get modern pallet stone table in living room if you attach little white or grey rocks in space between pallets. Use stones to decorate mirror frame or fill the jars with candles and flowers to make rustic ornament items.

For unique window rock decoration use aluminum wire that can be easily bended and shaped, put rocks and wind around them with wire. Kids will be thrilled if you make home wall stone birds in their room and also little foot decor. This project is so interesting that you will enjoy and have fun more than it will seem that you are working.

DIY Wall stone birds

DIY Stone Decorated Jars
decorating your home with stones

do it yourself stone decor ideas

how to decor home with stones

DIY Pallet Stone Path

DIY Outdoor stone Fence

DIY Easy Stone Doormat

DIY stone candle holder

decorate your home with stones


Reproduced Window Shutter Decor Ideas

Change the purpose of old window shutters by using them for home decoration. DIY interior or exterior shutter creations is perfect project for you if you like to have rustic and vintage details in your rooms. These ideas you can realize very fast because you can easily achieve the expected results with little effort and money.

Everything you need to prepare for this homemade shutter assignment are some old unused windows, box with tools and paint if you want to colour your final product. First you need to separate the window frame because we won’t use it in this project but save it for some other, and start with your repurpose shutter decor project.

You can make DIY colorful window shutter fence or whole wall covered with shutters of different sizes, which can be painted in pastel colours to make your kitchen more beautiful and rustic. You can also use this wooden shutter to put mail or magazines, so that everything looks organized and neat. Create the remarkable antique shutter wall decoration for living room or use it to make bed headboardin your bedroom.

For kid’s room you can just paint the window shutter boards in rainbow colours and they will enjoy every moment spent in their lovely room. You can also use shutters to make shelves for towels in bathroom or a board that will be used for wardrobe hanging wardrobe. You have so many shitter decoration ideas like options that you will certainly find and choose the best for indoor or the outdoor of your house.

DIY Rainbow Window

DIY Pastel Blue Love Window

DIY Blue Window

DIY Creative Homemade Window

DIY Homemade Window Decor

DIY Window Shutter Project

DIY Window Creative Art

DIY Rustic White Window

DIY Office Decor

DIY Pastel Blue Window

DIY Dark Red Window

DIY Pastel Window

How to Decor with British Flags

London is the capital city of England, which has so many interesting places and sights to see. People who visited this city were enchanted and those who didn’t, are hoping that one day they will see this magnificent place. No one can explain why people adore this city so much, but they love it so much that they try to transfer part of London in their homes. The best way to do that is to look at Homemade British furniture ideas.

The most typical sights of London that people apply on their furniture at home, is the flag theme. You just need to buy blue, red and white paint, and everything is ready for your British style craft. Make the pallet British table for your living room or bedroom by painting the pallet with three mentioned colours. At the end put movable table legs and everything is ready to call your friends on coffee and gossip.

If you have some old boring furniture that you need to refresh use the paint to renew the old item and make something new and incredible. Decorate your wardrobe closet with British flag or buy some fabric that has flag pattern to change an old middle age chair. Make DIY flag mirror by just coloring some frame that you already have at your home. Find in store big flag poster and stick it with glue on bed’s headboard in your bedroom.

You may also make some ornaments like jars, pillows or storage boxes with British stylish theme. For those who would like to have wardrobe with the flag of their favorite country, can decorate denim jacket, bag or make some chick fashionable jewelry.

British Telephone Wall

Denim British Jacket

Old British Chair Style

Jar Flag Craft

British storage Boxes

DIY pallet British flag Chair

DIY Wooden British Table

British Pallet Table designs

Modern British Bag

DIY British Wardrobe designs

British Flag Poster decor

Wall String-Lights Cover Ideas

We usually use light decoration for holidays to create holiday spirit at home. Lights are always associated with beautiful moments that you experienced with family and friends and that is why people worship them. But even if holidays finish, it doesn’t  mean that you have to put them away, they can continue to be decoration at your house and still remind you of the wonderful holiday moments that you spent.

For this project you need is string lights, that you can easily find and get cheap. The second important material is something that will help you to attach string lights to wall, glass, bed or painting. You have many options  in circulation, so you must try to do some of the projects because they are simple and easy and will give fantastic final result.

One of the options is to wrap a string lights around wooden pillar of bed or if your bed doesn’t have pillars, you can improvise and put it on decorative bedspread which will be attached to the ceiling. If you have an ordinary and plain bedroom with no interesting details that decorate and beautify it, you can glue string lights on the wall and it will completely change the look of the room and give it a more beautiful note.

You can also make a string-lights mirror or make unusual ornament by using big frame which you can paint with white colour and use wood twigs to hang string lights on it. Make cloudy lamps for your kids room and they will be trilled. Create wall with pretty photos and fairy lights for teenager’s room. These lights can embellish one of the most important days in your life, your wedding day, and it will look so romantic.

 DIY Hanging Hearts

DIY Up Bed Decor

DIY Creative Room Decor

DIYLight Decoration

DIY Bed Lamps

DIY Room Decor

DIY Wall Decor

DIY Mirror Lamps Decor

DIY String-Lights

Redefine Use Of Old Cassettes

The cassettes were very popular in the twentieth century, at that time they were mass-produced and sold in a lot of copies. People have listened music on the tape, but with the development of technology in the twenty-first century people start using modern equipment and the need for the cassettes stopped. Now people have so many cassettes which gather dust and because they are no longer able to listen it, they remembered to find other use for tapes.

There are so many possibilities and useful ideas to make something completely new by using cassettes. Prepare everything you need for this project like glue and glitter if you want to decorate them to sparkle. When you finish with preparation you can choose what kind of furniture you want to fresh and make it look more interesting and extraordinary.

You can make tabouret of cassettes by using glue to stick tapes on the surface side. For panting with cassettes, use board and paint it with colour that fits the best wit your interior and stick cassettes with a glue. With tapes you can decorate box where you keep your memories, or make a frame for a mirror.

Girls can use tapes in fashionable purpose so they can create some fashion accessories that will fit with their wardrobe. You may decorate your purse, make a wallet or some cassettes jewelry like tape necklace. Paint tapes with some colours and put glitter on then to achieve modern and chick appearance. You will have a lot of fun while you will on this project.

DIY Room Design

DIY Cassettes Decoration

DIY Cassettes Box

DIY Table Design

DIY Wallet Design

DIY Cassettes Art


DIY Lamp Project

Home Chandelier and Lighting Ideas

The first chandeliers that have been used are the one with the candles in Middle Ages and they could move from one room to another. But from that moment the chandeliers developed in more complex and interesting forms, different designs, shapes and they were the symbol of luxury and high status in society. In that time chandeliers were typical for castles and palaces, and there lived the richest nobility and the royal families.

DIY Flowers Design

DIY Modern Lighting

   DIY Lighting Project

DIY Creatice Light Design

Today, with appearance of electric light, old types of chandelier were replace with modern and electric-only chandeliers became standard. But you don’t need to be as rich as people in the past had, that’s why every house has one chandelier. Because people’s creativity skills have advanced and developed during the time,you don’t have to go to the store to buy chandelier that’s fabricated but you can make the way you imagined it.

DIY Glasses Light

DIY Colourful Paper Art

DIY Baloon Lighting

DIY Old Notes Art

To make plastic spoon chandelier use bottles of five or six liters, broke the handle of the spoon and stick it with a glue on cut bottle. The other way to create lighting is to use balloon. Inflate the balloon and start wrapping with the yarn, when you create the desired shape puncture balloon and your product is ready. For chick and vintage appearance of chandelier, rip out pages from the book with interesting text and images, and stick them on metal frame. You can also create girly and tender room lighting by using flowers or making the butterflies with a white or colorful papers. If you have some old bike parts make a completely new creation, and if you put several lighting bulbs you will achieve colored shadows when you turn on the light. There are a lot of different creations, you will certainly find the one you like.

DIY Butterfly Light Design

DIY Romantic Chandelier

Bird’s Cage Decorations

Bird cage is presenting vintage style and for those who love this kind of home appearance can find interesting DIY bird cage decoration ideas. Cages have always been very popular decoration accessories and ornament that many people repurpose them. You have so many options for home cage designs.

DIY Colourful Cages

DIY Olden Cage

DIY Flowers Cage

DIY Black Cage Decor


Create old bird cages wall to fill the empty space in the room and paint cages with different colours. You can also make lighting bird cages if you insert inside the cage candles or chandelier, which will make your home place more romantic and chick. Make flower arrangement bird cages for interior or exterior of the house, or use it on the weeding day to decorate tables for guests.

DIY Pearl Cage Decoration

DIY Different Cages

DIY Birds Cage

DIY Cerative Cage

DIY Bird's Cage

It can be also used to create vintage shelves or book shelves, but in small bird cages put small ornaments not anything heavy, and in big bird cages storage glasses, plants and book to decorate your cabinet. Put the envelopes and letters in the cages, or in your children room put toys or paintings. These ideas will help you to refresh your environment and you will have a lot of fun while you do it.

DIY Flower Cage Decor

DIY Romantic Cage

DIY Old Cage

DIY Cage Decor

DIY Pallet Furniture For Boys

If you want to make the most beautiful room for your boys, follow these ideas, and make the wonderful paradise for your little child. Very interesting idea is using the pallets, which are not so expensive but very useful. If you want simple little bed just for sitting, you can use two pallets and put the colourful mattress above them. If your boy leaves his shoes all around the room, you can also fix that. All you need is one pallet upright against the wall. You can paint your pallets in colours of rainbow or leave them naturally. If you have twins or triplets, pallets are very good idea because you can stow the two side by side and hang the third bed on the ceiling. If you don’t have enough space in room for lots of toys, you can make a shelf of pallets and save on space. Also, you can hang their clothes on the shelf hanger made of pallet and stow the books. Your child would love his room and spend a lot of time playing with friends, so you would be proud parent.

DIY Hanging Bed

DIY Bed Decor

DIY Triple Bed

DIY Pallet Shelf Design

DIY Pallet Bed

DIY White Shelf

DIY Huge Bed Design

DIY Pallet Bed Design

DIY Book Shelf

DIY Nail Polish Decorating

You are tired of ordinary old things in your house, you want to change them into something new that you will totally improve the look of the room and make it look much more beautiful and interesting. DIY nail polish decorating will provide you some ideas that you will be able to apply easily by yourself. Prepare colorful bottles of nail polish and start creating unusual and artistic items. You’ll see how easy it is and it doesn’t take a lot of time. If you’ve heard of marbling, very interesting art concept, buy few cup of coffee, mix different colours of polish in a washbowl with water and you will be thrilled with the results. To beautify your plain cloth and fashion jewelry, also use nail polish to refresh your things and everyone will think you bought a new one. Make a modern polish vases to decorate your home environment and use gold, white and pink nail polish for fashionable and wonderful look of your room. If you are bored with the colours on your glasses and masks for the phone, use bright and cheerful colors to make magnificent pieces that everyone will want to have. Enjoy in creating more fun items and ornaments.

DIY Flowers Ideas

DIY Modern Colours

DIY Nail Polish Design

DIY Creative Sunglasses

DIY Colourfull Design
DIY Jewerly Decorating

DIY Mup Decor

DIY Girly Shoes

DIY Phone Case

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